Frequently asked questions

What is an active home?

  • The main feature of an active home is its impact on the environment.
  • The active house produces more energy than it consumes, and it comes from renewable sources and heat-recovery heat pump technology, which significantly reduces energy consumption to provide the necessary comfort (24 degrees with 0 costs in any season)
  • Active homes can be defined by energy independence, sustainability and efficiency of the systems that provide the utilities of such a home.

What are the systems and technologies available to an active home?

Active homes are equipped with the most advanced systems and technologies to ensure maximum comfort.

The dwellings have:

  • air-to-air heat pumps that provide 0 costs for a 24-degree temperature indifferent to the season;
  • ventilation and automatic humidity control systems;
  • heat recovery system, assisted IT, and air recirculation that changes indoor air with fresh air every hour;
  • photovoltaic panels generating the energy needed to maintain these systems and all electricity-consuming equipment;
  • ventilated facade systems to ensure the most effective insulation of a home, as well as soundproofing the house;

At what stage are the houses being taught? 

  • The dwellings are delivered fully finished and equipped with fully furnished and equipped kitchens and bathrooms, customizing them by discussing with our architects and choosing the desired materials from a wide range of finishes (marble, limestone, granite, ceramics, parquet etc ), so that your house becomes HOME.
  • Each house benefits from 2 parking spaces, own land and access to all common areas of the complex: heated swimming pool, barbeque area, sports ground, outdoor sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, etc. 

How can I buy?

  • There are several ways to buy. We are at your disposal to find the best option for you.

What is the degree of privacy and safety?

  • The residential complex is enclosed with a safety fence and access to the location is based only on an access code
  • Each house is equipped with its own alarm system and surveillance cameras
  • The common areas are monitored video and the complex is permanently guarded, with a special room for guarding and monitoring.

How is garbage collected?

  • Domestic garbage is stored in a cold room, a specially designed area for keeping the waste under control, until it is lifted by specialized firms. 

What are the facilities of the complex?

  • The Scandinavian Village Complex is thought to be a small community, offering residents the opportunity to spend as much time inside.
  • Facilities: swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, Scandinavian sauna, barbeque area, multipurpose sports ground, children’s playground, Snagov Lake access, access to Snagov forest for walking, cycling, etc.

How can I get to Scandinavian Village from Bucharest?

  • There are two routes to get to Bucharest both on DN1 and on A3. In both scenarios, a Scandinavian villager makes 12 minutes to enter Bucharest and about 40 minutes to the center of Bucharest.