Scandinav village, the premium residential project, embraced by nature!

Scandinav Village is the newest premium residential project in Romania, composed entirely of active houses characterized by low energy consumption. Dwellings impress both with energy and architectural efficiency, and with harmonious integration with nature. The project proposes three types of houses, spacious and bright, built on plots of land with generous surfaces.

The Scandinav village currently has 14 completed dwellings and in 2018 the second phase of the project will begin, the development of 50 more active houses on a 70,000 sqm land.

Scandinavian energy efficiency is a signature for the whole of Europe, and with the development of this project it reconfigures the luxury real estate market in Romania.

Houses of the future are defined by energy independence and the efficiency of systems that provide all the utilities of such a home. The Scandinav village is the first fully independent real estate project in Romania, characterized by maximum energy efficiency and non-existent maintenance costs.

Benefiting from the latest technology for intelligent temperature, humidity, ventilation and fresh air intake for the systematic change of air in the home, the houses surrounded by Snagov Forest represent an important landmark in the luxury real estate market in Romania.

Innovative technologies are combined by Swedish engineers with a whole range of construction details that complete and close a 0-energy energy efficiency system, but also with facilities that make you, once you get home, feel like you’re in holidays.

As early as the design phase, all of these dwellings were structured to represent a standard of comfort and luxury , the developer of this complex emphasized every detail of the construction process, involving teams of Swedish specialists, so that all stages of development were finished to the highest quality standards.

Starting from geothermal pumps, continuing with the foundation’s waterproofing and thermo-insulating system , with the concrete and brick structure with maximum efficiency and durability, with ventilated facades – the most efficient thermal insulation system in use in Romania – with a Creaton tileroof, 50 years old, and Alumil carpentry and Saint Gobean glassworks , the structure of each house is defined by advanced technology, comfort-enhancing details, carefully selected materials to ensure the durability and energy efficiency of each home.

All Scandinavian residences have access to the shared area of ​​the heated swimming pool complex, outdoor jacuzzi, Scandinavian sauna, barbeque area, multifunctional sports ground and exit to Lake Snagov. Also, the complex have qualified staff for maintaining the gardens, pools and common areas.

The location was chosen due to the extremely low pollution level and due to the closeness to Snagov forest that successfully completes a project that wants to satisfy any person who wants every time he comes home to feel like a spring resort.

Each client, together with our architects, can customize their house, with a diverse range of finishes, extremely carefully selected.

Word of the developer

In this way, I want to tell you a few things about the Scandinavian Village project and how our company chose to develop it.

In 2016, following several market studies, we decided at the company management level to expand our business and invest in new markets in Europe.

We chose to invest in Romania because we were fascinated by this country, antagonistic from all points of view with Sweden, our country of origin.

We decided to develop this project in Snagov because here we found what we were looking for. An extremely polluted area surrounded by forest, close to the peaceful and developed lake, which has ensured that we can successfully implement a new home-based concept for those who, although active and agitated, want each when I get home, feel like a holiday.

The Scandinavian Village complex is fully based on technologies that have been successfully deployed for 30 years in Sweden. All homes are energetically independent, built and finished with carefully selected building materials and equipped with performance systems that ensure maximum comfort without maintenance costs.

The facilities offered within the complex, swimming pool, multifunctional sports ground, barbeque and leisure area, Scandinavian sauna, outdoor Jacuzzis offer the opportunity to live here in a highly exclusive community and to develop another way life.

We build this type of house using the most modern technologies used in Europe to create the homes we will see more often built in the future.

We are extremely proud that we have been able to bring to Romania a new concept of life, based on Scandinavian technologies and projects, combined with nature and developed for people who want the way their family lives to be defined by details.


Michael Larsson
Group CEO LINOTOL Sweden
Developer Scandinavian Village

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