Houses for sale in Snagov

If you’re looking for a home, what about a house in Snagov? Here is the Scandinavian Village, the newest premium residential project in Romania and the only neighborhood composed entirely of active houses characterized by energy independence. All sales homes impress not only through energy and architectural efficiency, but also through harmonious integration with nature – the neighborhood is strategically located in proximity to the Snagov lake and forest, becoming the perfect place for the most complete experience of comfort and relaxation.

The houses included in the project have spacious and bright rooms, built on plots of land with generous surfaces. Each home is equipped with the most advanced systems and technologies,with fully finished and equipped rooms (in addition, the kitchen and bathrooms are fully furnished and equipped).

Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian project is developed by one of the biggest Swedish companies, LInotol Sweden.Scandinavian techniques and modern technology were successfully implemented in order to obtain active houses, extremely efficient and sustainable.

The unique Swedish architectural style, efficiency and luxury are the pillars of this project.The Swedish design is perfectly incorporated within the location, near Snagov lake and forest.

The sublime landscape, the innovative technologies, the low cost for maintenance and the facilities will transform this place into the perfect home for you and your family.

House Stockholm

House Copenhagen

House Oslo

A new lifestyle

Scandinavian Village, a neighborhood for you and your family to experience Romania at it’s finest. With Scandinavian designed houses, closeness to the lake and forest, you and your family can enjoy a calm, sustainable and warm lifestyle.

The urban lifestyle is shadowed by stress, agitation and crowdedness. In our search for peace and relaxation the Scandinavian village is the perfect place for intimacy, comfort, nature and peace.

The lake and Snagov forest create the ideal habitat, the complex’s facilities offer diversification of activities, and modern technologies ensure a great climate in which you can enjoy every minute spent at home.


Part of the community

Located just about 20 minutes from Bucharest, the Scandinavian Village offers you a modern lifestyle. Access to the most important points of interest for families (schools, kindergartens, shops, recreation areas, etc.) is quite easy and the complex offers a wide range of facilities: swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, Scandinavian sauna, barbeque area, sports ground, playground for children, exit to Snagov Lake, etc.

The project is thought to be an integrated part of a local community and has all the facilities necessary for organizing social events and leisure.
Nature, privacy, tranquility, safety, comfort, innovative technologies, everything you can wish for your family home.

Energetic Efficiency

The houses are equipped with heat pumps, the most efficient heating and cooling technology for dwellings, used almost exclusively in Scandinavia. The houses are built with maximum energetic efficiency.

A new lifestyle

Scandinavian Village means more than a dwelling, it suggests another way of relating to your life: calm, beautiful moments with your loved ones, closeness to nature, more time dedicated to you. The community contributes to your daily stability – It offers you to enjoy the common areas or gives you the space you need, when you need it.

Scandinavian style

Unique Scandinavian style, of Scandinavian inspiration. Functionality, efficiency, minimalism, clear lines, simplicity, luxury: these are the issues that developers and the architects took into consideration.

Quality in every way

We made an endeavor of importing all the building materials from carefully selected providers, especially from the northern countries. The constructions and the finishings are made using the last tested European techniques.